Patient’s Death Results in Fine for Nursing Home

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February 23, 2011—Victoria Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has been penalized by state public health officials in a fine of $75,000 for violations that led to a patient’s death.  The Costa Mesa nursing home has been issued the most severe penalty under state law from the Department of Public Health for the September death of a 92 year old man.

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After an investigative report the state says the nursing home failed to properly assess the patient’s condition and did not notify his doctor when he had symptoms of the life threatening condition.

According to the report the 92 year old man lived at home with a caretaker, but was admitted to Victoria Healthcare to recover after undergoing surgery for a broken hip. The staff documented that the man developed a distended and painful abdomen, loss of appetite and low urine output, after a couple of weeks since he had been admitted.

Within five days after the first symptoms the man was found without a pulse and was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital on September 13th.  According to the coroner’s report the man died of a ruptured ulcer in the small intestine that led to a bloodstream infection and the report lists the patient’s death as untimely.

The coroner’s office estimated the rupture had occurred between a week and three days prior to the man’s death.  According to Victoria Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center administrator Tom Moore, the nursing home will be appealing the fine that was issued by the Department of Public Health.

Moore stated that they are saddened by the patient’s death and express their sympathy to the family. They do not consider any actions taken by the staff caused or contributed to the patients death.
According to reports the nursing home staff did not notify the patients physician when he began having symptoms and his family also was unaware of the change in his condition.

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