Events That Take Place During a Motorcycle Crash

There are events that take place during a motorcycle crash and none of them are good. The motorcyclists does not have protection like a driver of a vehicle, there are no seatbelts, no airbags and no metal cage. Typically the below list is normally one that only a personal injury attorney would deal with as part of their practice, but these are some of the events that take place during a motorcycle crash including the types of injuries that the rider and passenger can sustain that was prepared by a motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles County at Ehline Law.

Broken Bones

In some cases the motorcycle rider that is involved in a crash and has quality protective gear will have either soft or hard armor at the knees and elbows. This can provide some protection against the impact of hitting the road. Being involved in a motorcycle crash without protective gear raises the risk of broken kneecaps, elbows, ankles, ribs and collar bones. In some cases the broken bones can be a compound fracture, which will cause the bone to come through the skin.


Dismemberment of a limb is one of the injuries that are sustained in a motorcycle crash. Dismemberment can happen in several ways, but one of the ways it can occur at the scene of the crash is when the rider hits a guardrail, which is meant to keep vehicles from going off of the road, but the edge of this metal can act as a sharp blade, when the rider hits it with speed behind them. This metal can actually cut through skin and bone. This can mean amputation of hands, arms and legs, but in some cases it can cause fatal dismemberment.

Dislocated Eyeball

A dislocated eyeball is not an extremely common injury sustained in a motorcycle accident, but it can occur from the force of the impact of the crash. The dislocated eyeball is when the eye is forced out of the socket and will usually cause the rider severe panic or even shock. In some cases if medical treatment is fast enough the eyeball can be saved, but if damage has been done to the eye, the rider will lose the eye.

Road Rash

Road rash is a common term among motorcycle riders, but what it actually entails is missing skin from the body.  This is caused by the pavement and gravel is normally embedded in the skin, which can be serious all on its own. Hitting the road even at a slow speed can cause road rash, which causes the skin to be pink and bleeding, because it has actually sanded off layers of skin.

When the road rash is severe from a motorcycle crash it can mean having skin grafts done, to replace the missing skin.  This kind of injury is common on certain parts of the body when a rider is involved in a motorcycle accident, like the arms, knees, ankles, thighs, buttocks and back. If the rider is not wearing a full face helmet they can also suffer road burn on the nose and cheeks.

This type of injury can create scars like a burn victim and in some cases requires skin grafts, which is the process of taking skin from a fatty part of the body and stapling or gluing the healthy skin over the damaged areas. Then the next part of this medical process will be to place a wound vacuum over the area, which is a suction cup that increases the blood flow to the area. This prevents the skin that has been replaced from dying and creating a new layer of dermis. This machine is used for an extended time and skin grafting is a painful process with this only adding to the pain.

Bruising and Internal Bleeding

Bruising and internal bleeding is not uncommon injuries when a rider is involved in a motorcycle crash, and while bruising or a black eye is not dangerous, internal bleeding can be a serious injury. Any time a rider is involved in a crash they should be checked out by a doctor, before going home. Internal bleeding can show up in the ears, eyes, stool and urine and is nothing to play with; medical treatment is a necessity, because the injuries can be far worse than the rider thinks they are.


Riding a motorcycle puts the rider at a much higher risk of being killed than the driver of a vehicle. The motorcycle does not provide the same amount of protection, like the metal cage that the vehicle is built on, the seatbelts and airbags that all protect the driver. There is also the design of vehicles that have been tested and built to crumple in a certain manner in an impact, which helps to protect the driver.

The motorcycle on the other hand has no possible way to protect the rider, any protection depends on the rider wearing quality leathers with knee, elbow and shoulder protection, along with a quality full face helmet.

During any motorcycle crash the rider is thrown from the bike, unless the rider becomes trapped for some reason on the bike that is going to skid down the pavement. Then when the rider hits the road they face even more danger, they can hit objects like stop signs, guardrails, or being hit by vehicles that are not able to see the rider on lying on the road till it is too late.

Moving off the road if the rider is still conscious might be an option depending on their injuries, but they can also cause their injuries to be more severe, like in the case of a spinal cord injury.  A spinal cord injury attorney Mike Ehline is available to take your call at Ehline Law Firm PC, if you were seriously injury and need an injury lawyer in Santa Monica at 201 Wilshire Blvd., Second Floor, 90401. 310.376.8488.

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