Cruise Ship Travel is Fun Till There is an Injury

Cruise ship travel is fun till there is an injury, which means that the fun is over and the passenger that was injured will need time to heal. There are many ways of being injured on a cruise ship and none of them are pleasant. When going on a cruise no one believes that anything other than having a good time can happen. This is supposed to be a luxury liner with all types of relaxing activities, night strolls under the stars and all types of gourmet cuisine.

Some of the ways that injuries happen on cruise ships that leave the ports of Los Angeles are slip and fall accidents from the staff not properly marking passages that have been mopped or have some type of slip and fall danger. Stairs that have debris that can be a trip hazard or a slip and fall hazard, the decks can also be wet or slippery due to spills or mopping. These types of dangers can result in head trauma, back injuries and broken bones.

There are other types of injuries that can occur, which means the cruise ship travel is fun till there is an injury. These can be food poisoning that means the passenger will have no fun at all, due to contaminated food being served. Assaults can also occur and involve either another passenger or one of the ship’s crew members.

The assaults that happen on cruise ships can range from being a victim of verbal abuse, physical abuse or sexual assault. Rapes are not something that does not happen on cruise ships, there are reports of rapes that occur involving other passengers and crew members alike.

Being injured on a cruise ship that left the port of Los Angeles is both physically and emotionally stressful when out at sea for the passenger and often medical care is less than perfect. The only recourse the cruise ship injured victim has is to file a lawsuit. When filing a lawsuit against a cruise ship line it is extremely important to use a cruise ship personal injury attorney blog to learn about your rights.

Cruise Ship Rape Attorney

Ehline Law Firm PC Cruise Ship Rape Attorney

The reason that it is so important to have the representation of a Los Angeles cruise ship injury attorney Ehline, is that different laws apply to injuries at sea than on land, plus the fact that most cruise ship lines have their ships registered in a different country.

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