Redwood City Has Their Share of Auto Accidents

All in all, the California cities of San Mateo, Hayward and Kansas City have seen their fair its share of auto accident tragedies in recent years.  Seattle and Renton WA are no picnics either. I cannot believe it’s been four years since one of the more famous Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, a man named David Halberstam, died in an auto accident in the said region.

As I recall, it was a graduate student who was ferrying Halbertam to an interview and ran a red light, causing the great man’s death. I think the judge let him off lightly because he was extremely remorseful about what had happened and probably had a pretty good record to that time.

Another auto accident that sticks with me is the one just a few months ago when a Redwood City or Hayward man died after he was rear-ended by a big rig. That one happened in Indio, I believe, however. In that one a tractor-trailer that jackknifed caused a chain reaction that involved another big rig and three cars. In addition to the fatality there were also victims of the crash who suffered major injuries.  I remember a King County car wreck on the road a while back,Someone also must have needed a good Renton auto repair for your vehicle such as:  BEETLESMITH.COM in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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In 2009, by the way, there were 4 pedestrians involved in fatal auto accidents in Redwood City, and 7 vehicles involved in fatal accidents. That year there were no fatal accidents caused by drunken drivers.
It could have been worse but it’s bad enough. Be careful out there.

Drunk Driver Allegedly Caused Ten Car Accident Near Buellton, California

In legal automobile accident news from th golden state, My husband and I are traveling by car back from a graduation ceremony in Monterrey California. We made our way back via Big Sur and Santa Barbara: Such gorgeous country! On our way through Buellton, a beautiful little hamlet just north of Santa Barbara, there was a multi-car pile-up on Highway 246. All in all this reminds me of a similiar vehicle crash in Pleasanton. As an aside, this particular Pleasanton auto repair  tech body shop is top notch if your car has damages that need to be fixed in Pleasanton, Ca. or the bay area.  In my opinion they are a first rate automotive firm.

Apparently 10 people were hurt in an accident involving four cars just west of Buellton. We actually passed through a few days after the accident but read about it when we stopped in Ventura. The media reported that it is suspected that a DUI driver crossed lanes and hit a truck, and one person was struck while trying to route traffic around the scene on the road in question.
The media also reported that emergency crews came to the aid in the accident Tuesday morning that sent 10 people to area hospitals with injuries.

Gina Potthoff, staff writer for Noozhawk, posted a report for the online news outlet on the accident on Dec. 4, 2012, under the headline, “Ten people were injured Tuesday morning in a four-vehicle accident on Highway 246 west of Buellton.”
Potthoff writes that, “According to CHP, 18-year-old Gerardo Torres Jr. of Lompoc was allegedly driving drunk and traveling westbound approaching Tularosa Road when his Honda Civic crossed into the eastbound lane.” ‘she notes that Torres hit an eastbound pickup truck driven by 37-year-old Romualdo Jacinto of Lompoc, which threw it onto its roof.

She reports that Torres, who was allegedly intoxicated as he drove away from the Chumash Casino Resort, suffered a fractured femur and was transported to the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Jacinto had moderate injuries and two of his four passengers were injured.
Sadly, while waiting for the CHP to arrive, 60-year-old Thomas Meade of Buellton was hit by another vehicle after he began directing traffic and helping others. He ended up with serious injuries and was taken to Cottage Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.
Also, four others were taken to Lompoc Valley Medical Center with minor injuries, according to the article.
I wish out highways and streets were more safe on the whole, specially here in Pleasanton.

Woman Files Lawsuit against Los Angeles Player for Alleged Marina del Assault

Author:  Michel Ehline, ESQ. This is an interesting read. The woman, who remains unidentified, filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles Lakers player Devin Ebanks. The woman claims that Ebanks sexually assaulted her, even though the District Attorney’s Office found there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the player.

Jane DOE Sues

The Los Angeles Lakers player is 23 years old and was the 43rd overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft. The woman filed the lawsuit as Jane Doe, in the Los Angeles Superior Court, which alleges sexual assault, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation.

Jane Doe’s lawsuit alleges the assault took place, after the two met at The Colony nightclub, in Hollywood on September 13, 2011. The woman claims she agreed to go to the NBA players apartment in Marina del Rey, on the condition that they would not have sex. The suit claims that the two began kissing, with Ebanks beginning to take off her shorts and underwear, when she objected and told him to stop. The lawsuit states that Ebanks became sexually aggressive, after getting a condom and stated “what’s the big deal, it’s just sex.” The NBA player said “I’m on the Lakers.”

Allegations of False Information

It is also alleged by the woman in her lawsuit that Ebanks published false information about her on his Twitter account. The Twitter posts suggest the woman made up the rape allegations against him. In December of 2011, the prosecutor’s office determined they would not prosecute Ebanks, due to lack of corroborating evidence.


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