About Us

JRA Publish is a hub for lawyers to post articles, news and rate their fellow attorney’s publications and press releases online. Where jurist rates the attorney.

A jurist is someone who is a legal expert. Here, you are the literary jurist.  You rate the title of “attorney”, and in fact, some of our users and contributors, do hold that title.  You rate the latest publications on software, law, technology and beyond.  You and your peers publish your press releases, articles and news on this site.

Our publications cover office software, used in law, medical and financial office management, to how to win a car accident case in court. Jurist Rates Attorney Publish Company publishes PDF’s and original content regarding legal/medical issues in U.S. cities from personal injury attorney law sites, to divorce, wills, trusts, credit counseling, to things like vacation pedestrian and bicycle accidents on the Santa Monica Pier and the best hospitals, medical care centers.

But here, the jurist rates the attorney.  Fellow lawyers can even comment on your publications and suggest ideas to make them even better. We even tell law students how to study for the bar and where to find the cheapest law books and law schools in LA.  If you are a doctor, or accident lawyer in Los Angeles, we would like to include you as an expert author and republish your content about San Francisco, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles medical and legal issues at JRA Publish!

Feel free to browse our site, add your local business listing and add a suggestion.JRAPublish 3.0 was an advanced application for encoding optimally-compressed, searchable PDF and DjVu files.

And welcome to the new home of JRAPublish on the web.

JRAPublish was a Windows application that enabled the advanced encoding of document images to searchable PDF and DjVu files. It was a batch processing application with a simple-to-use interface. More than 65 input document image formats are supported. Existing PDF and DjVu files can be re-encoded and optimized.  But we decided to expand the business into medical and legal publishing on the web and that we would seek out resident experts to help us make the site better.

Jurist Rates Attorney Publish offers links to encoding and output PDF Flavors for Image-to-PDF conversion than any other legal and medical publishing site on the market, including to Adobe Acrobat.

JRAPublish is ready to use immediately after joining with no installation – no configuration required. By design, you can e mail us a press release, legal or medical publication, and if it fits into our quality guidelines, we will post it for free, as it is equally suited to use by both novices and advanced users. JRAPublish is used today by both individuals at home, professionals like doctors and attorneys, and by large institutions who are converting millions of page images and HTML and XHTML text to PDF and DjVu for digital document libraries online.

Jurist Rates Attorney Publishing wants to become a repository not only of cutting edge legal and medical related articles and news, it wants other lawyers to rate the work of their colleagues in an effort to become the best place online for human expert edited information and publications in PDF, HTML and other formats. We are not lawyers, rather, we want jurists to rate lawyers.

Recent News

* PlanetDjVu.com closes – JRAPublish moves to the new JRAPublish.com site.
* The PlanetDjVu forum lives on at the new DjVu.org website.
* JRAPublish 3.0 nears final release. Check back or inquire for details.