Former U.S. Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, on Prolotherapy treatment

Prolotherapy is the rarest of treatments in that it stimulates the body’s own systems to generate fibers that strengthen the targeted area and reduce or eliminate pain—without side effects.
As the former U.S. Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop explains it, PRP is the name some people use for a type of medical intervention in musculoskeletal (discomfort)……”
Dr. Koop says the treatment is also referred to as Sclerotherapy. “Sclera” is derived from the Greek word “sklera”, meaning hard. Sclerotherapy refers to the same treatment which stimulates a hardening or a proliferation of collagen fibers and involves injections.
As Dr. Koop is aware, many physicians are not aware of the treatment, although it’s been around since before the turn of the century. He says many in the medical profession are skeptical that such a simple and straight-forward treatment could be so effective against stubborn, difficult ailments.
The therapy consists of injecting a simple, harmless solution such as glucose to the intersection of a ligament with a bone to induce the “rather dramatic therapeutic benefits that follow.”
Another reason is that many insurance companies do not pay for Prolotherapy, Dr. Koop explains, is because their medical advisors don’t understand how it works, and have never practiced it. It seems too “simple a procedure for a very complicated series of musculoskeletal problems which affect huge numbers of patients,” he says. In this sense it is somewhat similiar to it which is the acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. All in all, many is the doctor who is not aware of
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP, as is the case with prolotherapy, surprisingly. The distinguished doctor himself has been a patient who has experienced the rewarding results of Prolotherapy. He was, in his words, “so remarkably relieved of my chronic disabling pain, I began to use it (in practice as well).”
Dr. Koop’s Personal Experience with Prolotherapy Treatment Yielded “Remarkable”and Long Lasting Results

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Dr. Koop has been quoted as saying, “When I was 40 years old, I was diagnosed in two separate neurological clinics as having intractable (incurable) pain. My comment was that I was too young to have intractable pain. It was by chance that I learned that Gustav A. Hemwall, M.D., a practitioner in the suburbs of Chicago, was an expert in Prolotherapy. When I asked him if he could cure my pain, he asked me to describe it. When I had done the best that I could, he replied, “There is no such pain. Do you mean a pain” And then he continued to describe my pain much better than I could. When I said, ‘That’s it exactly,’ he said, ‘I can fix you.’”
The doctor’s “intractable pain was not intractable” and he was “remarkably improved to the point where my pain ceased to be a problem.” He adds that far milder recurrences of that pain over the next 20 years were retreated with Prolotherapy yielding “equally beneficial results.

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