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People Cannot Take their Eyes off Of The iPhone

It was a rainy and windy day and it crazier than ever. Good day to do business here though. We were walking at the Third Street promenade, trying to balance our umbrellas and cell-phones and stumbling upon other pedestrians. My friend was really frustrated that her new touch-sensitive phone slowed down her prolific texting abilities. It never occured to her to put down the iphone even under the pouring rain. How else would she stay connected to the world? That moment we saw a woman nearly run over by an SUV when she walked into traffic while looking at her cell phone. Then we noticed a bicyclist riding in the middle of traffic and talking on the iPhone the same time. That really takes almost Olympic strength. Boy that Apple is a great corporate technology giant, I bet they have a great corporate attorney there in LA and Bverly Hills. Actually on second thought they are not based in the city of angels or the city of lights but in silicon valley actually. I mean, what a franchise! Their intellectual property and trademark is worth a small fortune.

Everyone has seen a video on YouTube of a woman who walked into a fountain while texting.Then she appeared on TV crying and looking to find a person responsible for spreading a hilarious clip. She said that a lady from the church texted her to ask when was her birthday. I personally find it hard to believe. More likely, she had just found about her boyfriend’s weekend entertainment activities.

There was also an article in a local newspaper about two moms who crashed their baby-strollers into each other while talking on their phones. We really have to sometimes get out of our virtual world back to reality. Why have we become so hypnotized by these shiny gadgets like the internet phone, softphone and the like.? Don’t get me wrong I love the iPhone as well although they are hard to get a repair done on them, especially if you send it off to corporate business section.

I think it is better to uses an independent Internet phone or softphone service like that one based I think in Miami so you can make international calls from mobile or for that matter international calls from cell phone because they can repair it in a hurry, and the scratched 3g screen, water damage, dropped iPhone and of course most other repair issues. Their main advantage is in the overall speed of the repair.

Scientists tell us that we are wired since the time of Neanderthals to pay attention to novelty. Everyone is eager to evolve, nobody wants to be left behind. That’s why we buy a new phone before we can learn all the options on our old gadget. Elisabeth Kohen, Harvard university professor, says that the same thing happened with cassette players and radio. History shows us that keeping up with the constantly changing technology has always been our major addiction and it’s safe to assume that it will always be this way.