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Major Real Estate Auction Mistake Creates Legal Dilemma

People make mistakes.
What do you do when a simple error results in the sale of a condo at auction for $21,897 when it was meant to sell for $219,105? That’s exactly the issue the California Supreme Court is struggling with.
Scott Graham wrote about this story in an article titled, “Pondering a $200K Real Estate Mistake,” posted April 4, 2013 for The Recorder on the website.

Auction Creates Interesting Legal Problem

Graham writes that some things are just too good to be true. Apparently that was the case when David Biancalana found the deal of a lifetime when he saw the three-bedroom, two-bath condominium in Watsonville that sold for $380,000 in 2004. Graham writes that Biancalana checked with the foreclosure service agent, T.D. Service, twice to confirm the price, before bidding and winning the property.
The lender, Greenpoint Mortgage Funding, Graham explains, instructed its foreclosure service agent, T.D. Service, to list its opening credit bid at $219,105. But T.D. unintentionally set the auction figure at the amount of the mortgage delinquency, which was $21,897.
The court now must decide, Graham, for his part contends.

In Related News…

All in all it is a very strange dichotomy indeed: We hear the economy is still weak, and yet big business and in many areas, real estate, seems to be more or less booming. I am sure the low interest rates have a lot to do with that, according to a friend of mine .
Take the case in point, Boston.
Ira Kantor tells the story in his report posted on the website under the BizSm@rt Column: “Report: Hub commercial real estate market roaring back,” April 9, 2013.
Kantor declares Boston as officially in growth mode. He cites local real estate services company Jones Lang LaSalle as saying that it has entirely made up for recession losses, its pace of recovery one of the best in the nation. In places like Big Bear this certainly seems to be true.
The first quarter began with strong leasing activity in several sectors, Kantor notes, from financial to life sciences, technology, biomedical and engineering firms. The vacancy rate in Greater Boston dipped below 15 percent for the second quarter in a row, and surged 27 basis points” because of a number of spaces that were known to be coming to the market, including Monitor’s 196,000 square feet at 2 Canal Park in Cambridge and IBM’s building at 5 Technology Park in Westford.”
Here’s a real surprise: Kantor adds that downtown Boston’s vacancy rate dropped to just 9.6 percent. Rents increased in Downtown Boston 0.4 percent this quarter and 2 percent year-over-year.
Kantor’s note of caution is that even though things are looking up, the effects of sequestration, he warns us, remain to be seen “in this market that relies heavily on NIH funding and federal spending in defense,” according to Jones Lang LaSalle.
Sequestration? We almost forgot about you

Woodstock, New York Cottages For Sale Offer a Nostalgic Atmosphere of Long Ago

What makes these different from any other cottage you’ve ever seen? Oahu is really nice too….Plenty. To start, you just cannot beat a charming, cozy cottage tucked away amidst the most breath-taking landscapes anywhere. Considering the Catskill Mountains, lush forests, countless lakes and gently rolling hills in every direction you look, how could anything compare? Quite honestly, they offer not only old-fashioned charm and appeal, they offer respite from a world that has become much too hectic and stressful. I really like oahu and the big island of Hawaii too too, for that matter.
The Rocky Mountain state of Colorado is great too. has more information for those building or repairing a house in the mile high city of Denver CO.

Whether you are looking to buy a cottage that is already built, in construction or want to use a few ideas of your own, you will find the distressed, modern rustic appeal refreshing. This as well as Oahu Real estate is in the area combine the best of the old with the new. Modern amenities such as whole-house audio and security systems are really “cool”, while salvaged and reclaimed wood throughout take you back to a century ago. The constant grind and pace of city life can wear on anyone’s nerves; it’s sometimes necessary to get away for a while and simply relax. The houses and cottages for sale are perfect for those times when you want to enjoy a long weekend surrounded by nature, or for those vacations any time of year. The construction and roofing service is superb as well. There is certainly no shortage of things to do, whether you want to ski, ride horses or fish or enjoy the theater and waterfront parks. it is not as warm as a place like Oahu or the big island of Hawaii but still very nice.

A few of the other features that will take you back in time are claw-foot tubs, a big wrap around porch, old-school radiators and even walk-out basements that can be converted to living space later on should you decide to expand. Another thing you will love about the Woodstock, New York cottages for sale is that you can enjoy complete quiet, privacy and solitude, since there are no near-by neighbors or traffic. Relax in a hammock and take in the beauty only nature can inspire. I also really enjoy Oahu as well as big island real estate for many reasons.

Can you imagine going backward in time to a century ago, when life moved at a slower pace? Picturesque landscapes, a quiet peace of mind you just cannot find in the city, rustic, distressed “old” new homes that offer all of the charm and character you could ever want. This is exactly what you will find today in the Oahu and Big Island real estate arena.. Why not sit back and enjoy life for a change?