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In San Ramon Man Suffers Critical Injury Waiting To Cross The Street

The San Ramon Patch posted a story by Patrick Creaven, February 14, 2013, under the headline, “Man Critically Injured by Falling Traffic Light.” This is a really good example of a freak accident, of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This kind of thing goes on a lot in San Diego and southern California roads as well. You have to be careful on the highways anywhere in the Golden State of CA. I guess all the wrecks keep the car repair firms busy at least.

More On The Tragic Story

It seems man was driving a tractor-trailer about 1:35 p.m. last Monday evening at the Crow Canyon Road and Camino Ramon intersection when he knocked down a traffic light pole. This caused the traffic light to hit a 23-year-old man’s head. According to the Patch story, traffic officer Bill Doherty was quoted as saying the man who was hit by the light is in critical condition at John Muir Medical Center. All in all, someone may need help and parts after the said collision with the traffic light, even if it is a tractor trailer. Speaking of that, I like if you need your auto repaired in the San Diego area. It would probably not be too much automotive tech to fix the vehicle in question for a car service or body shop firm, but hey no job too small I suppose.

Further Details On The Accident

Patrick Creaven reported in the piece that the driver of the tractor-trailer was turning too sharply right from Crow Canyon onto Camino Ramon when it hit the traffic light pole. The poor pedestrian “was waiting to cross the street on his way back to work when the traffic light came crashing down and hit him in the head,” wrote Creaven. Wow, you talk about your freak accidents. I bet that has never happened in the golden state of CA roads or highways, much less San Ramon or the bay area before.

When You are Seeking Credit Counseling

One of the hallmarks of a good money manager is someone who automatically saves a little money each month, rather than going a little deeper in debt. Instead of using credit cards when those unexpected, yet inevitable, expenses arise, having money in the bank keeps your financial plan from falling victim to the unforeseen. This is why so many folks have been turning to deferred annuities debt consolidation, credit counseling, debt management and the like. Some people are asking  and what is a 401k annuity as well.

The site  has some answers.
Commonly, debt management experts recommend that you try to keep 6 months worth of expenses in reserve, and that you automate regular monthly deposits into your savings account by direct debit.

Reduce your debt systematically. Here is the key: It’s not what you deserve, it’s not what you want or need, it is what you can afford. Limit unnecessary expenses, pay off existing debts; it sounds simple, but it requires a strong will and a strategy. You may want to consult a credit counseling, annuities expert firm for assistance in this important matter.

Write a plan for your future. My son believes that writing down your goals brings them from the realm of thought into the physical world of actuality. There is power in having a formal, written plan. Put your heart and soul into the writing of it—design the human being you want to be in the world. If you are going to obtain an annuity, first ask “what exactly are annuities?”

People put off making adequate plans for their future retirement because retirement seems so far away, and the wants and needs of the “now” seem so much more urgent. Your older friends and family can tell you the future rolls around so much sooner than you expect, and small amounts put aside now can make an enormous impact in years to come.

Motorcycle Safety Month Is In May—Learn What the Experts Have to Say

Motorcycle safety month is in May—learn what the experts have to say and for the motorcycle riders in Long Beach the California Highway Patrol has weighed in, the National Safety Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association.

The one thing that all of them agree on is that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous due to drivers of automobiles on the roads that might not be as alert as they should when driving on the roads with bikes. Motorcycles represent three percent of the registered vehicles, but they also represent almost fifteen percent of traffic fatalities. These numbers combined with the Hurt Report that was a large scale motorcycle crash study that showed three quarters of the motorcycle crashes that result in injuries or deaths. The crashes were caused by drivers that were negligent in yielding to the right-of-way to the motorcyclist and other traffic errors.

The motorcyclist in Long Beach California is also in this danger, because during 2009 in the state there were 11,488 motorcycle riders injured an 396 killed, of this number 383 were the operator of the motorcycle. This number while it seems high for the total amount of motorcycle riders in California that were killed, 2008 was even worse for motorcycle riders, with 553 people killed on motorcycles and 529 of them were the operator of the bike. These numbers might be shocking to some motorcyclists that do not realize the dangers they face on the road.
The numbers from California were provided by the California Highway Patrol and the Integrated Traffic Records System.

Motorcycle safety month is in May—learn what the experts have to say and it can help the motorcycle rider know they have to ride more defensively and drivers of automobiles should take the total of these injuries and deaths that have occurred in past years and realize they need to be more alert on the roadways.

The more people that realize the dangers the motorcycle rider faces due to drivers not paying attention in traffic and at intersections are causing motorcycle riders severe injuries and hundreds of deaths in the state of California, including Long Beach. When drivers and motorcycle riders are aware of the dangers and the causes it can lower the amount of accidents on the whole. The rider that is injured or the family of a rider that has been killed should have the legal benefits that the motorcycle rider can provide against negligent drivers.

Traffic accident reported sixty-five years ago in The Santa Cruz Sentinel still haunts

Good to be back to Fullerton from Mountain View…Santa Cruz traffic is terrible. That little town just buzzes with hyperactivity. It’s easy to get nostalgic for the days when it, and the whole area, was just a sleepy little hamlet. But the reality is that every time has struggle and tragedy. Mountain View can be quite busy as well. By the way Auto Care Specialists is a top service overall over at
The blog, under Forum Home; Law & Order; COLLISION COURSE: THE DELUCCA ACCIDENT – INTERSECTION OF SWA carried a poignant story by blogger Ivano Comelli, posted Sun Jan 18, 2009, out of Morgan Hill, Ca. Comelli writes that he and his wife saw the movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” and how a series of events lead to an accident. That reminded him of an article that he wrote on another blog about an auto accident reported in the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 1947. I am not sure the auto repair costs on that one though. All in all, Milpitas service overall.
The August 3, 1947, edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel describes a violent the collision, Comelli writes. The front end of the DeLuccafamily car was “’smashed back into the front seat, completely demolishing the sedan; the fire truck was a total wreck, with its strong, reinforced steel frame bent and the cab knocked right off the frame, smashing wheels and axle.’ Comelli says the year-end edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, dated 10/31/47, re-published a photo of the accident. The text with the photo said that it “’was probably the worst traffic accident in the history of Santa Cruz County.’” Comelli says the only identifying item clearly distinguishable was the California licenses plate, number 35 H 170.
A series of events that night led to the DeLucca car passing through an intersection at the very moment when a fire truck was racing to fight a wildfire. There were eight passengers in the car, including children, in the Black, 1941 Buick, recently purchased by the DeLuccas, who had stopped to pick up friends, thus delaying their trip and placing them at the intersection at just the time when the fire truck was also racing through.